4 July 2024

Meet Jonas Fors, international profile in media and TV

At the helm of Mopar Studios, Jonas Fors brings over three decades of media and entertainment expertise. His strategic vision and business acumen have been instrumental in pioneering transformations within the industry. With a profound educational foundation in economics from Stockholm University and a specialization in marketing from IHM Business School, Jonas exemplifies leadership that is both innovative and grounded in solid principles.

En bild på Jonas Fors - framstående ledare inom media och underhållning
Jonas Fors is a prominent figure in the Swedish and international media and entertainment industry.
  • Early Career in Finance. Initiated his professional journey within one of Sweden's major commercial banks, quickly moving to tackle strategic challenges.
  • Production Manager at Softvision (1993 - 1997). Drove a threefold increase in production capacity and spearheaded the company's successful entry into international markets.
  • Founder and CEO of Itvision Group (1997 - 2001). Orchestrated the company’s growth until its merger with Connecta AB, enhancing digital learning across Europe.
  • Pioneer at RMG Media Group AB (2001 - 2008)
    Transformed the company into a Nordic leader in digital home entertainment before it
    joined forces with PAN Vision AB and EMA Telstar AB.
  • Transformation Leader at Tre Vänner AB and SF Studios (2008 - 2016) Revitalized the business model, elevating the company’s market presence and orchestrating its merger with Bonnier Group’s SF Studios.
  • Current Role: Co-Founder & CEO at Mopar Studios (2016 – Present) and co-founder
    of Hope Studios (2024 - present) Currently focusing on developing groundbreaking drama series that captivate both
    Nordic and global audiences.

● Bachelor’s Degree in Economics - Stockholm University
● Diploma in Marketing - IHM Business School, Stockholm

Has co-written and served as an executive producer for over 30 productions with reach in Sweden and worldwide. A selection includes:

● He has been a key figure in the production of the critically acclaimed dramas North Sea Connection and Red Election.

● Involved in acclaimed projects for the Swedish market such as the Snabba Cash trilogy, Bamse och Tjuvstaden, A Man Called Ove, and Borg vs. McEnroe.

● Strategic business development and innovation
● Leadership in media production and project management
● Cultivating partnerships and expanding market reach
● Navigating complex negotiations and fostering collaborative networks

Jonas Fors continues to be a visionary in the media sector, driving Mopar Studios to new heights with each project, shaping how stories are told and experienced around the world.